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Chase Paymentech Orbital

The Chase Paymentech Orbital® Payment Gateway enables online payment processing for the most basic storefronts or for highly integrated e-commerce systems. Merchants can establish secure online transaction processing in a true one-stop-shop environment. The Orbital suite of products is fully customizable – you can select the services to add to your Gateway account that best meet your business needs. You can deploy the interface to fully commerce-enable your storefronts. We provide all service, support, processing, technology, billing and customer care.

New in AbleCommerce Gold R12 - effective March 21st, 2016, Chase Paymentech certifies AbleCommerce software for the Orbital Gateway.  Certification letter provided upon request.

Paymentech Orbital Processing Features

AbleCommerce supports all the standard features of the payment gateway.  In addition, there may be additional services, such as fraud protection, which can be added to your account.  For more information on the services and features available, visit Chase Paymentech

  • Authorize - where the cardholder's funds are verified as available and set aside for the pending transaction.

  • Authorize Capture - where the cardholder's funds are verified and immediately transferred to the merchant.

  • Capture - a full or partial transfer of funds from the cardholder's pending authorization to the merchant.

  • Void - when the pending authorization of funds is canceled. This does not refund a payment.

  • Refund - when funds have been transferred to the merchant, and a full or partial refund is returned to the cardholder.  

Post-order Processing

All AbleCommerce payment gateway integrations offer full support for post-order processing.  This means that after an order is placed, you can authorize, capture, refund, and void transactions from the AbleCommerce order administration area.

Some post-order processing features, such as refunds, may require that you enable credit card storage from the Security > System Settings page.

Enable Chase Paymentech Orbital Payment Gateway

Before you begin, make sure that you have the following information which will be provided by Chase Paymentech:

  • Merchant ID = Your Chase Merchant ID

  • User Name = used to login to your merchant account

  • Password = used to login to your merchant account

  • BIN = Salem or Tampa

  • Terminal ID = 001

If you have trouble finding this information, skip to the next section on this page for help.

  1. From the Payment Gateways page, click the ADD GATEWAY button.  

  2. From the Add Gateway page, click the Chase Paymentech Orbital button.

  3. You will now be on the Add Gateway configuration page for Chase Paymentech Orbital.

  4. In the field named Merchant ID, enter your 6 or 12 digit Merchant gateway ID number which is provided by Chase Paymentech.

  5. In the User Name field, enter the User Name that you use to login to your merchant account.

  6. In the Password field, enter the password that you use to login to your merchant account.

  7. Select the transaction routing BIN provided by Chase Paymentech.  This will either be 000002 (Tampa) or 000001 (Salem).

  8. Enter your Terminal ID.  This should be a 3 digit number provided by Chase Paymentech.

  9. Choose the Currency your merchant account is setup for: (make sure the AbleCommerce base currency for the store matches)

  10. Choose the type of Authorization Mode.

    • Authorize: to request authorization without capturing funds at the time of purchase. You can capture authorized transactions through the order admin interface.

    • Authorize & Capture: to capture funds immediately at the time of purchase. You should not use this feature unless you are able to ship goods the same day of the sale.

  11. Choose the Gateway Mode.

    • Live Mode - used for processing live transactions with a production merchant account.

    • Test Mode - used for processing transactions with a test merchant account.

  12. Debug Mode is an optional feature and should only be enabled at the direction of AbleCommerce support.

  13. The Test URL is used to communicate with Paymentech gateway.  This is the sandbox or testing environment.  It should not be changed unless directed by Chase or AbleCommerce support personnel.

  14. The Live URL is used to communicate with the Paymentech gateway.  This is the live or production environment.  It should not be changed unless directed by Chase or AbleCommerce support personnel.

  15. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the section called Payment Methods.

  16. Click the box next to all credit card payment methods that will use the Paymentech gateway.

  17. At the bottom of the page, click the SAVE button.

Configuration Settings in your Paymentech account

This section provides information on configuring your Chase Paymentech account to work with the AbleCommerce integrated gateway.

  1. Login to your Orbital merchant account.

  2. In the top of the page, you will see a section that shows your Merchant ID and Terminal ID.

  3. Use this information to configure your AbleCommerce Chase Paymentech integration.

Testing with Paymentech

  1. Edit the Paymentech gateway configuration page in AbleCommerce.

  2. Change the Gateway Mode to Test Mode.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click the SAVE button.

  4. You can use a Visa card number of "4111111111111111" to run a test transaction.

    - If the cents portion of the amount is .01, then a decline is returned.
    - If the cents portion of the amount is .00, then an approval is returned.

  5. Be sure to change the Gateway Mode to Live before processing real credit card transactions.



There may be additional features within your Paymentech account that have not been tested with  AbleCommerce.  If you enable unsupported features, you are doing so at your own risk.  



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