FAQ: Why can't I connect to my database during installation?

Version: AbleCommerce 7

Last Update: 3/15/11




During installation, you receive an error 'The specified database connection could not be opened.'



This error happens when your database cannot be found.  Now, there are a couple database options during the installation.

If you are using the SQL Express option, then the database already exists with the AbleCommerce evaluation. You would need to make sure that SQL Express server is installed on the server though. (see system requirements)

If you are using the SQL Server option, then you will need to enter the IP or name of the database server that has your new database container. If the database is local, then you can enter a period for the location. So, just double-check to make sure that your database name, database user, password, and location are correct.

Restart the web-based installation.


Additional information:

Here are direct links to the System Requirements and Installation Guide -





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