Upgrade to AbleCommerce Gold R10

Released Version: AbleCommerce Gold, Release 10, Build 8302

Release Date: 03/17/2015

Change Log

Applies To:  The upgrade can be applied to existing AbleCommerce Gold R9 (build 7670) installations.

Download:  After logging in to your account, you can visit the Downloads page to obtain the file(s) needed for upgrading. 

If you are using AbleCommerce Gold R8 or lower, then you can apply incremental upgrades as needed, so that you will be using R9 before applying the upgrade to R10.  If you are behind on upgrades, you can also install a full version of R10 and migrate any customizations, themes, and data to the new install.  See below for more information. 

If you are upgrading from AbleCommerce 7, please go here first for instructions, and then you will still be able to upgrade to the latest version of AbleCommerce Gold.

Patches:  You should apply the Service Release for Gold R10 before applying any newer hot patches.

1)  Download Upgrade to temporary location

This upgrade is available to active subscription holders.  To obtain the file, login to the ablecommerce.com website and go to the customer account area.  From the Downloads tab, in the top section, you can see all files that are available to you by subscription.  Be sure to download the files and keep an original for backup.

  1. Determine the type of version you are using, WAP or WSP, and download the applicable file.

  2. Extract the contents.  Only changed files are included in the upgrade set.

  3. Compare the new upgrade files with your existing ones, and merge any custom changes.

2)  Confirm License

Do not install the upgrade unless your license subscription is valid through the "release date" of the build you are installing, or you have a license key for the latest version.

There are two ways to see if you have a valid subscription for this upgrade:

Login to your AbleCommerce Merchant Menu and go to the Configure > Security > Licensing page.
The "License Details" section will indicate whether a subscription is included with your license, and the subscription's expiration date will be shown.

- OR -

Open the "commercebuilder.lic" file located in the \app_data\ folder with a txt program such as notepad. 

e.g. <subscription>03-17-15</subscription>

If your license purchase included a subscription, a line similar to the one above will be shown in your key file.  
Make sure the date is on, or after, March 17th, 2015, which is the release date for AbleCommerce Gold R10.

NOTE:  A store in DEMO MODE is not valid for the upgrade.  Make sure you have a license key installed before continuing.  The key type can be Development or Live, but not DEMO. 

3)  Backup your Existing Production Files

Always make a backup copy of the entire AbleCommerce folder and the database before beginning any upgrade..


4)  Installation of New Files to Production Server

In this upgrade release, there is one configuration files that will be adjusted to include the TaxCloud feature.


Before copying the files from the upgrade folder, check to make sure that you have not made changes that will be overwritten.  It is best to use a file comparison utility (e.g. WinMerge) to view any differences before replacing your customized configuration files.

For WSP versions:

  1. Stop the IIS web service, or application pool, to release a lock on the DLL files in the \bin\ folder.

    FAQ: How do I stop a website to upgrade?

  2. Copy all files, from step 1c) above, to the corresponding folders on the production server.

  3. Restart the IIS web service application.

For WAP versions:

  1. Recompile the application.  For Gold release R8 and higher, the SLN file is upgraded to support Visual Studio 2012/2013.

  2. Republish to the target server.


5)  Automatic Database Upgrade

When you login to the merchant administration for the first time, the database will be upgraded automatically.  For a complete list of database changes, see below.


6)  Automatic Re-index

If you are using the Lucene search provider, we will re-index the database automatically after the upgrade. Re-indexing could get interrupted if the server is restarted.  If this happens, simply access the Website > Indexes page to manually re-index the database.


7) Post-Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade your Theme stylesheets -

Due to the new Responsive Theme Website design, we had to make several changes to many of the controls and stylesheets.  The good news is that we were able to retain backwards compatibility with prior versions of AbleCommerce Gold.  After upgrading, you will likely need to compare the changes between your Theme files (style.css, mobile.css, and style.skin) and merge any differences between the original Theme and the one that you are using now.

The files are located in the \App_Themes\ folder, and then in the sub folder you are using for your own theme.  You can use a tool like WinMerge to easily find the changes between versions R9 and R10 and get them merged.

If you wish to use the new Responsive Theme, then please refer to the documentation.

Informational Only - Database Changes

The database changes will be automatic after upgrading.  It is NOT necessary to make changes manually.  This is provided for informational purposes only.

New field added to ac_OptionChoices table

MsrpModifier DECIMAL(10,2) NULL

VariantName field size changed from 255 to 500 characters in ac_OrderItems table

New field added to ac_OrderShipments table

ShipStationId INT NULL

New field added to ac_Products table


VariantName field sized changed from 255 to 500 characters in ac_ProductVariants table

Six new fields added to ac_ProductVariants table


ModelNumber NVARCHAR(40) NULL

[Length] DECIMAL(12,4) NULL

Width DECIMAL(12,4) NULL

Height DECIMAL(12,4) NULL

HandlingCharges DECIMAL(10,2) NULL

New field added to ac_GatewayPaymentProfiles table

PaymentMethodName nvarchar(255) NULL


If you need to merge any customizations, we recommend that you use a file compare and merge utility such as WinMerge.  WinMerge is Open Source file compare and merge utility which runs on all modern Windows versions.  Latest WinMerge version and other WinMerge information is available at http://winmerge.org


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