MasterCard and PayPal Patches

Applies to
: AbleCommerce Gold R9 through Gold R11

Release Date:  09/02/2016

Summary:  This patch should be applied to stay current with changing technologies.




This patch applies to AbleCommerce Gold R9 through Gold R11 installations using PayPal or taking MasterCard credit card numbers.  Before applying the patch, make sure you are using the latest version of AbleCommerce for the version selected.  See the PREREQUISITES section below.

If you are running AbleCommerce Gold R12, then you can install Service Release 1 and the MasterCard and PayPal  changes will already be included.

For AbleCommerce Gold R8 and older, the MasterCard change is not applicable.  The PayPal update to the new SDK is not compatible with Gold R8 and older, so you will need to consider upgrading your installation before June 2017 if you wish to use PayPal.



New MasterCard Series 2-BIN (beginning October 2016)

MasterCard is planning to begin expanding to 2-series Bank Identification Numbers (BINs).  The transition will take place over time, but by October 2016, you should prepare for this change as MasterCard customers will be issued the new cards beginning in 2017.  For more information, please click here.

PayPay upgrade to TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 (required by June 17th, 2017)

PayPal is also planning an upgrade which will be mandatory for communications on June 17, 2017.  PayPal plans to upgrade to TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1.   This will required an updated SDK (Software Development Kit) for AbleCommerce installations.  For more information, please click here.



Before installing this patch, make sure you have already installed all past updates so there will be no compatibility issues with the old and new patches.  The following table will help you determine any prerequisite patches that need to be installed before applying the update for Mastercard / PayPal.


Mastercard / PayPal Patch COMPATIBLE WITH

Gold R11

Service Release 1 (build 8858)

Gold R10

Service Release 1 (build 8620) + Payment Patch

Gold R9

build 7670



  1. Make a backup of your AbleCommerce installation

  2. Download the applicable Gold Patch below for the version you are using.

  3. Extract the updated files to a temp folder.

  4. Find the new files for either the WSP version OR the WAP version depending on which you are using.  
    If you are uncertain, then see this FAQ.

  5. Stop the website using IIS application server.

  6. Copy the new files to each applicable folder, replacing the existing ones.

  7. Restart the website.


Downloads for the MasterCard and PayPal Patch

OPTIONAL:  Using the MD5 checksum number provided, you can verify the integrity of the download before extraction (see below for instructions).


1.  Go to or any other utility that can provide checksum validation.

2.  Download and Run the utility.

3.  Select the downloaded file.

4.  In the field provided, past the original MD5 value provided by AbleCommerce help site, and click Verify.

5.  If the validation fails, do NOT install the patch.  Instead, contact for help.




Gold R12 (build 9168)

see Service Release_Gold_R12


Gold R11 SR1 (build 8858)

MD5: 3925e21114809731bdfb813b520844aa

Gold R10 SR1 (build 8620)

MD5: 48b5ec7dedfa1def3e3f1c9ee25f6e1a

Gold R9 (build 7670)

MD5: f91989d9e95067e501d23cab922c968a

Before and After Testing Instructions

These instructions provide you with a way to see if you are impacted by the issues that are being fixed with the patch, as well as being able to confirm that the patch has fixed them.  We recommend that you do a quick test before and after applying the updated files.


To test the MasterCard payment method, try a test transaction using one of the following test credit cards:


Immediately after submitting the credit card, you should receive a validation error message on the payment page "Invalid card number, or it does not match the selected card type"

After applying the patch, you should no longer see this message.


To test PayPal before applying the patch, you will need to setup a sandbox account.  Use the API information from your sandbox account so that Express Checkout is enabled.  

Test by placing an order and selecting PayPal Express Checkout from the basket or mini-basket.  You should see something similar to this error "Invalid HTTP response The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."

After applying the patch, you will be redirected to Paypal's website successfully.



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