Individual Hot Patches

Applies to: AbleCommerce 7

NOTICE:  10/05/2012

Support for older versions of AbleCommerce 7 will continue for 2 years after their original release dates, however, it will be limited to critical hot patches for serious issues only.



Hot Patches available for AbleCommerce 7

These are individual patches that correct a specific issue.  It is not necessary to install a patch unless you are experiencing the problem that it corrects.

We recommend that you check the Software Downloads page for any free service release upgrades, as these will often already contain the fix.


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Latest Hot Patches

This document contains all the patches released for AbleCommerce 7 since development ceased.

AbleCommerce 7 as needed 10/05/2012

FedEx WS Patch

FedEx Web Services when products using the "Ship Separately" calculation option.

All versions of AbleCommerce 7 using FedEx shipping services.

USPS Changes 2012

Only two service names were updated this year.

All versions of AbleCommerce 7 using USPS shipping services.

Google Analytics with Paypal

If you are using Google Analytics tracking, with Auto-Return Enabled and PayPal IPN, sales are not recorded.

AbleCommerce 7.0.7 12/30/2011

Edit Address Patch

When using the Edit Addresses button from the Order Details page, there is bug when multiple shipments are involved.

AbleCommerce 7.0.5 and 7.0.6 12/05/2011

LinkPoint Web Service

A new integration that will work on 64-bit servers as well as the ability to work in a Medium trust environment.

All versions of AbleCommerce 7.x 11/18/2011

Anonymous User Maintenance

Database maintenance to view and remove excessive anonymous users.

All versions of AbleCommerce 7.x 11/18/2011

Google Feed Patch

New feed for Google that includes the required attributes and can be scheduled automatically.

All versions of AbleCommerce 7.x 10/10/2011

AustraliaPost Patch

Australia Post has changed the IP for the calculator.

AbleCommerce 7.0.1 through 7.0.7 09/12/2011

IE9 image gallery patch

Additional Product Images not showing when viewing the Uvumi gallery with Internet Explorer 9

AbleCommerce 7.0.5 and 7.0.6 05/23/2011

SkipJack Patch

Required if you are using Skipjack's automatic, once-per-day batch process for authorizations.

AbleCommerce 7.0.1 through 7.0.6 03/28/2011

AvaTax Service

Find the latest version and information on our AvaTax connector for AbleCommerce.

AbleCommerce 7.0.3 through 7.0.6 03/16/2011

Chase Paymentech patch

Chase Paymentech payment processing may fail with international orders when the customer's issuing bank is using a different currency.

AbleCommerce 7.0.4 through 7.0.6 03/15/2011

USPS Update 2011

The USPS integration requires the service name in AbleCommerce to match the service name designated by USPS.

All versions of AbleCommerce up to 7.0.6 01/03/2011

PayPal Patch

Find the latest updates to our PayPal integration for AbleCommerce.

AbleCommerce 7.0.5 and 7.0.6 11/02/2010