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Logo and Images

With AbleCommerce, we make management of your images super easy.  You no longer have to worry about creating different sizes of images, we handle that for you.  From the product upload page or from the asset management area, you can upload your full size, high quality image and we will create up to three sizes that can be used for a standard product image, thumbnail image, and tiny icon image.

You can set defaults from the Logo and Images page.  These default sizes are what AbleCommerce will use when you upload or add images to your products.

If you have a large catalog and want to save time by having AbleCommerce automatically associate images with your products, you can use simple naming conventions and use the SKU Lookup feature.  This feature allows you to simply generate the three standard sizes of images yourself and upload them to the image folder used by AbleCommerce.  Just make sure to name your images according to the instructions and AbleCommerce will automatically find the correct image and associate it to it's product by using the SKU data.



This section covers the following topics:

Find the Logo and Images page

  1. Mouse-over the Website menu item and then drop down to select Logo and Images

  2. This will bring you to the Logo and Images page.