UPS Registration changes

Applies to: AbleCommerce Gold

Last Update Date:  11/10/2018

Severity: Blocker


UPS discontinued support of Register XML API

As of October 2018, the UPS direct registration feature within AbleCommerce no longer works due to the API being discontinued by UPS Online Tools.

If you need to create a new registration with UPS, then apply the patch below.


Step 1) Download patch

Download the WSP version OR the WAP version depending on which you are using.  If you are uncertain, then see this FAQ. (Web Application Projects require a recompile)


Step 2) Backup and deploy new files

Make a backup of the existing files in \Website\Admin\Shipping\Providers\UPS\ folder.

Extract the new files from the appropriate patch above, and copy them to the same location.

If using the WAP version, recompile and restart the application server.


Step 3) Register with UPS

  1. Login to the AbleCommerce Merchant Menu.

  2. Go to the Configure > Shipping > Integrated Carriers page and add the UPS gateway.

  3. On the opening page, there will be new instructions to register with UPS.

  4. Once have you obtained the required credentials from UPS, you will be able to complete the UPS configuration within AbleCommerce.


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