Braintree Patch for AbleCommerce Gold R12

Applies to
: AbleCommerce Gold R12 SR2 (build 9476)

Release Date:  03/15/2018

Summary:  Braintree connection issues




This patch fixes two issues with the PayPal Braintree payment gateway.



  • AC8-3265 - Braintree connects in sandbox mode only

  • AC8-3269 - Braintree no longer connects TLS 1.2 - API upgrade needed.


There will be two steps required to complete the installation this patch.  The applicable downloads are available in the next section.  Read all instructions below before continuing.


  1. Download the WSP version OR the WAP version depending on which you are using.  If you are uncertain, then see this FAQ. (Web Application Projects require a recompile)

  1. Extract the files.

  1. Stop the website using IIS application server.

  2. Copy the 2 new DLL files to the {website}\BIN\ folder:



  1. Restart the website.



Modify the web.config file in the root folder of the website.

  1. Backup the {website}\web.config file.

  2. Open the file and search for "targetFramework". There should be 2 instances.

  3. Confirm or change the target to 4.6, so the result looks like this:


  4. Save the file.  This will force the application to restart, completing the patch installation.



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