CIM changes API effective Nov 3rd, 2015

Applies to
: AbleCommerce Gold version R7 through R11

Release Date:  11/21/2015

Summary:  This patch will fix an issue when a stored payment profile is used for a new order or recurring order subscription payment.




On November 3rd, released an updated version of the CIM module which is used by AbleCommerce for two specific features.

1)  Storage of a payment profile used for Recurring Order subscription payments.

2)  Storage of a payment profile used when the customer has elected to store their payment for future use.

Reference for more information.


If you are not sure if this change impacts you, then read the information below on how you can determine whether the patch is needed for your installation.

  • Are you using any AbleCommerce Gold version R7 through R11?  If yes, continue.  If no, stop here.

  • If you are using Gold R7 or Gold R8, AND you have the Recurring Orders subscription feature in-use, then install the patch below for your specific version.

  • If you are using Gold R9 or higher, AND you have the Recurring Orders subscription feature in-use, OR you have enabled the Checkout option for 'Payment Storage' (allow users to save credit cards), then install the patch below for your specific version.

Patch Instructions:

There will be two patches that need to be applied.  The applicable downloads are available in the next section.  Read all instructions below before continuing.


Fix any existing database records that might exist with a NULL value in the PaymentProfileID column of the ac_GatewayPaymentProfiles table.

  1. Take a backup of your database as a precaution.

  2. Download the "FixPaymentProfiles" patch below, and place the files in the {website}\install\ folder.  If you do not have the \install\ folder, then create one.

  3. Using a browser, go to http://{your store domain}/install/FixPaymentProfiles.aspx to run the script.

  4. If this install is using an SANDBOX account, then be sure to check the box 'Use Sandbox Mode'

  5. Click the FIX button.  All changed records will be shown when completed.

  6. When finished, you can remove the patch and \install\ folder.


Apply a new AuthorizeNetCIM.dll to support the API changes made by on Nov. 3rd.

  1. Download the applicable Gold Patch below for the version you are using.

  2. Extract the new "CommerceBuilder.AuthorizeNetCIM.DLL" to a temporary folder

  3. Stop the website using IIS application server.

  4. Copy the new file to the {website}\BIN\ folder, replacing the existing one.

  5. Restart the website.


Downloads for the CIM Patch

Determine if you are using the WAP or WSP version before beginning.

OPTIONAL:  Using the MD5 checksum number provided, you can verify the integrity of the download before extraction (see below for instructions).


1.  Go to or any other utility that can provide checksum validation.

2.  Download and Run the utility.

3.  Select the downloaded file.

4.  In the field provided, past the original MD5 value provided by AbleCommerce help site, and click Verify.

5.  If the validation fails, do NOT install the patch.  Instead, contact for help.




Gold R7 through Gold R11

Download the WSP version OR the WAP version depending on which you are using.  If you are uncertain, then see this FAQ.

MD5: 48dc7316da572b384f95859a31255333

MD5: 478bf3e49f6f77b447bfbb196016490a

Gold R7

MD5: 91d70d3ff4609d635de72e6300359fdb

Gold R8

MD5: c440a15e2b2cd8ea39bcb677471df5f4

Gold R9

MD5: 682edcea6d5046516e7fc5d70d0d767e

Gold R10

MD5: 2921fb1e40f8c8fc1b60c9df2542207b

Gold R11

MD5: 8f7521630532abdb91dccb6ebfe7a468


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