Google Checkoutâ„¢ for version 5.5

Version: AbleCommerce 5.5 Asp.Net

Applies to: builds 1306+ (AbleWizard store templates)


Release Date:  3/7/2007



Google Checkoutâ„¢ Functionality - Certified Level 2 Integration

Google Checkoutâ„¢ is a checkout process that you integrate with your website, enabling your customers to buy from you quickly and securely, using a single username and password. And once they do, you can use Checkout to charge their credit cards, process their orders, and receive payment in your bank account.

Key Features -

  • Include the Google Checkout badge to your AdWords ads.

  • Process transactions for free with AdWords bonuses and save on processing fees.

  • Protect yourself from Fraud with Google's Payment Guarantee Policy.

  • Merchant features include capture authorized payments, cancel payments, and issue partial or complete refunds.

  • Increase sales by offering a secure, simple, and private shopping experience.

For more information, and a sign-up link, please see our website.


How it Works for the Customer -

  1. A customer clicks the Google Checkout button from the basket page.

  2. AbleCommerce passes the basket information to Google while the customer is re-directed to Google's website.

  3. The customer continues the checkout process on Google's website, and selects a shipping address.

  4. Once the shipping address is selected, Google will make a call back to AbleCommerce (via calculate.aspx) and obtain the shipping and tax information.

IMPORTANT: The Google API only allows 3 seconds to complete this process, a time limit which has drawn complaints in their forums. If you have multiple real time shipping and/or tax gateways, this could result in problems.

  1. The customer selects an available shipping method and completes the checkout process on Google's website.


Additional Information -

  • According to Google's terms of agreement, the merchant is not allowed to capture ANY customer information during the AbleCommerce/Google checkout process.  

  • Any customizations to your AbleCommerce checkout process will not be executed automatically.  However, you may re-implement any customizations to the tax and/or shipping by changing the included file "calculate.aspx"


How it Works for the Merchant in AbleCommerce -

  1. After the customer completes the checkout process, using Google Checkout, the order is created in AbleCommerce.

  2. Depending on your setting in the Google Merchant account, the customer's credit card will either be charged immediately at the time or order, or the funds will be authorized.

  3. The order will come into AbleCommerce with either a NEW status or PAID FULL status depending on those settings.  

  4. If the credit card funds are not yet captured, the merchant could click the "CHARGE" button within the Order Summary page of AbleCommerce.

  5. After the funds are captured, the payment status is marked as COMPLETED in AbleCommerce, and the Order Status will be updated to PAID FULL.

  6. To cancel an order and issue a refund, the merchant would click the CANCEL button and a second page would appear.  This allows the merchant to issue a full or partial refund, enter a reason for the cancelation, and a brief comment which will be sent to the customer.

  7. From the Order Summary page, the merchant can click the SHIP button.  This will to notify Google that the order has been shipped and mark the order status in AbleCommerce as being Shipped.

  8. In addition to the order processing features, AbleCommerce merchants can add a NOTE to the Order information and optionally send this to the customer.

Note:  The merchant is not required to use AbleCommerce order processing features.  When the merchant captures, refunds, or ships and order using the Google Merchant interface, the AbleCommerce order status is updated accordingly.

Email: Google will receive the email notifications from AbleCommerce and forward them to the customer.





  1. Download the Google Patch file (see above)

  2. Extract the files to a temporary folder on the server.

  3. Find and open the file named "install.txt" and carefully follow the instructions.

  4. Always make a backup of any files you may replace.

  5. For customizations to your tax or shipping, please review the included file "customizing.txt"





Send failed with code: 401


Send failed with code: 500


In IIS, you need to look under the website for the Google directory. Right mouse, click on it, and select Properties. Click on the Directory Security tab, and then under the Authentication and access control, click on the Edit button. Ensure that the Basic Authentication is not selected and click OK.

For additional information, see Google's Troubleshooting guide.