Upgrading to AbleCommerce 9

Applies To:
 AbleCommerce Gold R12 installations

These instructions are for testing purposes only.  The new version of AbleCommerce is still in beta.  Do not upgrade a live site!


Overview of Upgrade

This is a major upgrade if you are running AbleCommerce Gold. Any prior customizations will need to be redone. This process will upgrade an existing Gold database to make it compatible with the new version.


What you need before upgrading.

  • A license key for the new version will be required. Please request one through your order.

  • A backup of your AbleCommerce encryption key.

  • A backup of your AbleCommerce Gold R12 database restored as a new database.

Changes that might be of concern.

  • Feature removal: Our integration with TaxCloud has been removed and replaced with AvaTax.  

  • Older payment gateways have not been fully converted. This is a work in progress.

  • A new feature called Ship Groups will take the place of duplicate warehouses used to create unique shipping scenarios.

  • Each user will need to reset their password. Password format will be upgraded to SHA256. This happens automatically on first login. Merchants should notify their customers prior to, or upon upgrading.

  • The catalog URL structure changed to improve SEO.

Download AbleCommerce application

To install the AbleCommerce application, you will need to have an active software subscription for your license.

To obtain the download, login to your Customer Account area.  From there, click on the Downloads tab to see available software downloads.  Always select the latest build available to you.

Request a License Key for version

AbleCommerce v9 is a beta release.  If you would like to test the upgrade, please request a download and license key through your order. 

NOTE:  An installation running in DEMO/DEVELOPER MODE is not valid for the upgrade.  Make sure you have a license key before continuing.  The key type can be Development or Live. 

2) Install AbleCommerce

  1. Extract the contents of the download.

  2. Follow the instructions for a new installation.

    1. Open the Installation Guide in a new window.

    2. Complete the steps in the guide.  Pause at Step 2. Configure and Connect to the Database.

    3. At secondary step c), select the Install Type and pick the option to Upgrade Database

    4. You will be asked to confirm the backup procedure.  It is very important that you do NOT upgrade an existing database without first restoring it to a new database.

      At this time, only Ablecommerce Gold R12 databases can be upgraded to the new version.

  3. Once the upgrade process completes, a confirmation page will be displayed and a link to the Administration will be available. You will be required to reset your password on the first login.

    If you receive errors during the database upgrade, please post a message to the AbleCommerce Forums.

3) Copy existing images and files

All of your images and digital files should be located in the following folders of your <installpath>.  Copy them to the new installation location.

    • \App_Data\DigitalGoods\

    • \Assets\

    • \Assets\ProductImages\


4)  Email Templates

Find your existing email templates and copy them to the same location of the new installation.

  • \App_Data\EmailTemplates\1\

AbleCommerce v.9 contains new mobile friendly email templates. These new templates are located in the \App_Data\EmailTemplates\Default\ folder.  

If you would like to use the new templates, then copy them from the ..\Default\ folder to the ..\1\ folder.


Post Upgrade Steps

Your new Merchant Dashboard will have a section showing any warnings or alerts that need to be taken care of.


Open the web.config for your AbleCommerce Gold installation and see if a machine key exists.  If it does, then you will need to  specify a machine key in the web.config for the new version.


Make sure you have re-enabled SSL. The setting is in a new location. Within the menu, find Configure > Security > SSL Settings. You have the option to secure all pages, use the default SSL configuration, or use your own settings.


Restore a backup of your encryption key (.bin).


Above all, test you store and make sure that shipping, tax, and payments are all working.


If you need to merge any customizations, we recommend that you use a file compare and merge utility such as WinMerge.  WinMerge is Open Source file compare and merge utility which runs on all modern Windows versions.  Latest WinMerge version and other WinMerge information is available at http://winmerge.org


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