Upgrade from AbleCommerce 7.0.2 to 7.0.3

Version: AbleCommerce 7.0.3 Build 12458

Release Date: 06/01/09

Change Log : A list of changes between build AbleCommerce 7.0.2 build 11659 and 7.0.3 build 12458.


Overview of Upgrade

Take a moment to read this entire document before beginning.  After you upgrade, you may need to complete the Post-Upgrade steps below.


These instructions apply to installations running AbleCommerce 7.0.2.  If you are running a version prior to 7.0.2, then please use the Instructions for Multiple Step Upgrades instead.


1)  Download Upgrade

To download the upgrade for AbleCommerce 7.0.3, you will need to have an active subscription.  We will notify all subscription holders when a new version is available for download.  To obtain the file, login to the ablecommerce.com website and go to the Customer Account pages.  From there, click on the Downloads tab to see available software downloads.  License keys are requested through your order.

DO NOT INSTALL THE UPGRADE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALID SUBSCRIPTION.  To see if you have an active subscription, you can open the "commerbuilder.lic" file located in the \app_data\ folder.  Look for this line of code:

e.g. <subscription>2009-06-24</subscription>

Make sure the date is on, or after, the release date for this build.  If you do not see this line, then your license does not have a subscription included.  If you think that you are entitled to this upgrade, then please open a new case and include the name of your website.  If you purchased a beta version of AbleCommerce, there is a good chance that your subscription end date will be incorrect.  We will happily correct this for you.  


2)  Backup your Existing Files

  • Make a backup copy of the entire AbleCommerce install folder and the database.

  • Any customizations that you may have made should be located in the following folders of your <installpath>:

    • \ConLib\Custom\..

    • \App_Data\Scriptlets\Custom\..

    • \App_Themes\..(current store theme)..\*.css, *.skin

The upgrade will NOT overwrite customizations located within these specific folders.  After the upgrade, you are responsible for merging any changes to the new "control" objects or .aspx files.


3)  Pre Upgrade Tasks

These are required steps that you need to do BEFORE copying the new files into place.

ALL UPGRADES:  Prior to applying the upgrade files, locate and delete the entire "FCKEditor" folder from your install location.  
A new version of FCKEditor is included in the upgrade and this step ensures that no legacy files will remain.

ONLY IF UPGRADING FROM 7.0.1 OR 7.0.2:  Locate the file App_Code/TaxHelper.cs file and delete it prior to accessing the Upgrade.aspx script.  
If you do not remove this file, the upgrade script will display an error.


4)  Installation of New Files

  1. Double-click the .exe file to extract the contents to a temporary location.

  2. Stop the IIS web service application to release a lock on the DLL files in the \bin\ folder.

  3. Select all the files, copy, and overwrite your existing files in the <installpath> program folder.

  4. Restart the IIS web service application.


5)  Upgrade your Database

WARNING: Make sure you have a backup of your database before upgrading !!!!

  1. Browse to the <installpath>/install/upgrade.aspx page to run the database script.

    e.g. http://localhost/ac7/install/upgrade.aspx

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade:

    • Type BACKUP in the space provided to confirm you understand.

    • Initiate the upgrade.  When finished, you should receive confirmation.  
      You may also receive some information on changes made during the upgrade.

  3. If you get an error during upgrade* - STOP!  Copy the error for AbleCommerce support, and revert to your backups.

* NOTE:  This upgrade requires that you have write or delete permissions to the entire store folder so that certain outdated files can be removed or changed.  If you get informational errors after upgrading, you can follow the steps to manually delete or change these files.


6)  Replace any Customizations (if applicable)

  • AbleCommerce will not replace any files located in the \Custom\ folders, however, you may need to restore customizations made to files (.css\.skin) within the \App_Themes\ folder if you are not using a custom Theme.

    • \ConLib\Custom\..

    • \App_Data\Scriptlets\Custom\..

    • \App_Themes\..(current store theme)..\*.css, *.skin

If you have customized the control objects located in the \ConLib\ folder, they will be overwritten by the upgrade.  Control objects that are modified should always be placed in the \ConLib\Custom\ folder and referenced by the scriptlet accordingly.

If you need to merge any customizations, we recommend that you use a file compare and merge utility such as WinMerge.  WinMerge is Open Source file compare and merge utility which runs on all modern Windows versions.  Latest WinMerge version and other WinMerge information is available at http://winmerge.org


7)  Complete Post-Upgrade Tasks

  1. Complete the steps, as needed, in the Post Upgrade Tasks section immediately following.

  2. Review the Release Notes to see if there are any changes that could impact your store.


Post Upgrade Tasks

Not all steps may be necessary.  Please take a moment to review the steps below.

STEP 1)  - Web.config and Global.asax updates


The upgrade can automatically handle required changes to your web.config and global.asax files.  If you did NOT choose to have AbleCommerce handle these automatic updates, then you will need to manually update these two files yourself.  Please complete Web.Config changes documented here.


STEP 2)  - Enable Taxes

If you are using AbleCommerce Tax Rules, you must visit the Configure > Taxes > Settings page in the merchant administration.  Please confirm that taxes are enabled and that the display settings are satisfactory.

STEP 3)  - Email Templates

In this release, we corrected a bug in the email templates that displayed hidden components of a Kit.  If you do not have kits or use hidden components, then you can skip this step.  Please review this page for instructions on updating your email templates:  Email Templates for AbleCommerce 7.0.3

STEP 4) - Disabled URL rewriting

This step is only necessary if you have disabled URL rewriting through manual modification of the App_Data/ablecommerce.config file.  The way URL rewriting is turned on and off has changed.  After upgrade to 7.0.3, for URL rewriting to remain off you must perform the following manual change.

  1. Open the file App_Data/ablecommerce.config for editing

  2. Go to the last line: </application>

  3. Insert two lines additional lines at the end of the file:

    <urlRewriter enabled="false" provider="CommerceBuilder.Catalog.DefaultUrlRewriter" />

    <urlGenerator enabled="false" provider="CommerceBuilder.Catalog.DefaultUrlGenerator" />


  4. Save the file to disable rewriting.


Apply Latest Updates

After installation, make sure to check for free Service Release upgrades, or Hot Patches as posted in the Announcements section on the home page of this website.


Release Notes


Federal Reserve Bank of New York discontinued foreign exchange rates

On December 31, 2008, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York ceased publication of foreign exchange rates.  

If you had configured multiple currencies and were using the FRBNY for automatic rate updates, your configuration has automatically been switched over to use the European Central Bank.  In version 7.0.3 we have also added the Bank of Canada as an alternate provider of exchange rates.  You should visit the currencies menu (Configure -> Currencies) in the AbleCommerce merchant administration and update your exchange rates now.

You may also change to the new Bank of Canada rate provider if desired. 



If you use kits, please review these new kit rules so you understand the impact of changes in this release.  The most significant change for upgraded installations will be that taxes are now calculated on individual kit member products.

There are two types of kits:  

Bundled - this is the original kit display style "bundled" which you will continue to have after upgrading.  The kit will be shown as a single product and price with any member products displayed in a list beneath the master product.   

  • The master and member products of a kit will be taxed according to their own tax code.  If no tax code is set, then they will not be part of taxation.

  • Member products that are part of the component type "Included - Hidden" will use the same tax code as the master kit product.  

  • Bundled kits use the warehouse of the master product for all member products which means that only one shipment for each kit can be created on checkout.

  • Member products that are part of the component type "Included - Hidden" will use the same shipping setting as the master kit product.  

Itemized - this is the new kit display style "itemized" which can be changed from the Kits/Bundles page of product editing.  The kit will be shown with the master product on the first line with it's own price, and each member product itemized in the basket and invoices with their own prices.  

  • The master and member products of a kit will be taxed according to their own tax code.  If no tax code is set, then they will not be part of taxation.

  • Member products that are part of the component type "Included - Hidden" will use the same tax code as the master kit product.

  • Itemized kits can use different warehouses for the master and member products.  In this case, you will need to make sure there are available shipping methods for each warehouse and destination.  The customer will be presented with multiple shipments and a shipping method selection for each.

  • You may have an itemized kit with both shippable and non-shippable items.  However, in the case of a component type "Included-Hidden", the shipping setting will be the same as the kit's master product.

Gift Wrap - Kits that use gift wrap will use the Wrap Group setting of the master kit in all cases.  This means that you cannot have individual kit member products that use different gift wrapping choices.

Shipping to Multiple Destinations - Kits cannot be split apart and shipped to different destinations.  In the case of itemized kits, you can have multiple shipments created for the order, but they must all be shipped to the same location.  If the customer purchases two or more kits, they will still be able to use the multiple destination feature but a kit, as a whole, will be shipped to the same destination.   

Member products that are Included-Hidden - The "included-hidden" component products will always take on the properties of the master product.



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