Email Templates for AbleCommerce 7.0.0

Version: AbleCommerce 7.0.0 Asp.Net

Applies to: Build 8272 through build 10152

Date:  8/11/2008




Email Templates

By default, the Basic Data option available during installation of AbleCommerce will give you the email templates needed to operate your store.  However, if you have installed AbleCommerce without this option, or you are upgrading from a prior version of AbleCommerce, you will likely need to download the template set and install them.

The email templates are stock versions and can be modified as you wish.

NOTE:  Make sure that the default Order Statuses are setup or the email notifications will not work.




  1. Login to AbleCommerce Merchant Admin.

  2. Go to Configure > Email > Templates.

  3. Click the ADD EMAIL TEMPLATE button.

  4. Using the table below for reference, enter the Template Name.

  5. Enter the From Address for your store. (the address where email will be sent from)

  6. Enter the To Address using the table below for reference.  This is a keyword used to automatically send an email to the customer or product vendor.  If nothing is shown, then enter an email address that should be used to receive the notification.

  7. If applicable, select the Trigger as noted in the table below.  

  8. Enter the Subject as noted in the table below.

  9. Copy and Paste the full html text from each template in the available download.

  10. Make sure the Send HTML button is checked.

  11. Click the SAVE button when finished.

  12. Repeat for each of the 15 available email templates, as needed.  Your store may not make use of each one, but it is a good idea to include them all.


Stock Email Template Configurations for AbleCommerce 7.0

Template Name

To Address



Customer Order Notification


Order Placed

Confirmation - Order Number $order.OrderId

Lost Password


Customer Password Request

Password Reset Request at $store.Name

Low Inventory


Low Inventory Item Purchased

Low Inventory Warning for $store.Name

Vendor Notification


Order Paid

Packing Slip - Shipment Notification for $store.Name

Gift Certificate Validated


Gift Certificate Validated

Gift Certificate Validated for Order Number $order.OrderId

Order Shipped Partial


Order Shipped Partial

Part of your order has shipped from $store.Name

Order Shipped


Order Shipped

Your order has shipped from $store.Name

Product Review Verification



Product Review Verfication

Email list signup with verification



Activation required to join $list.Name

Email list signup notification only



Thank you for joining $list.Name

ESD file is activated



Your digital good is available for download

License key is fulfilled



Your License key for $orderItemDigitalGood.DigitalGood.Name is fulfilled

Send product to friend



${fromName} wants you to see this item at $store.Name

Note added by customer


Order Note Added By Customer

Customer added a note to Order Number $order.OrderId

Note added by merchant


Order Note Added By Merchant

$store.Name has added a message to your Order Number $order.OrderId