Chase Paymentech payment processing may fail

Applies to: AbleCommerce 7.0.4 through 7.0.6

Date:  03/15/2011



Resolved Issue:

Chase Paymentech payment processing may fail with international orders when the customer's issuing bank is using a different currency.





AbleCommerce 7.0.4 and higher



  1. Extract the new CommerceBuilder.PaymentechOrbital.dll from the download provided.

  2. Locate the \bin\ folder for your AbleCommerce installation

  3. Make a backup of the original file, and move it to a separate location.

  4. Place the new DLL file in the \bin\ folder.

  5. Restart the web server or recompile the application pool.


Additional information:

The resulting error message:  

'Request does not adhere to the DTD. Please correct and send again. (05)'

A discussion of the issue can be found in the community forums -



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