Service Release 2 for AbleCommerce 7.0.4

Applies To: AbleCommerce 7.0.4 build 13424+

Last Updated On:  7/20/2010



Free Upgrade for AbleCommerce 7.0.4

An update for AbleCommerce 7.0.4 is available.  The Service Release patch corrects issues found after the release of AbleCommerce 7.0.4 build 13424.  Please see the table below for a list of individual issues fixed.  Some issues can only be corrected by a manual change not included in the patch.

  • AbleCommerce 7.0.4 SR2 is a free download to customers.  See enclosed "readme" for instructions.

If an issue is not listed on this page, it will be corrected in the next full release and made available to subscription holders.

A Service Release is a limited set of corrections to a full release build.  Careful consideration is given to an issue's severity and whether or not it causes a serious issue in the software's use or functionality.

TIP:  To find your AbleCommerce build number, go to Help > About from the merchant administration page. 


  • Issue ID # = Use this number as a reference to the issue.

  • Severity = This describes the impact of the bug.

  • Component = The area of AbleCommerce that was affected by the issue.

  • Brief Description = The title of the bug report and a brief summary of the issue.  


Issues corrected in 7.0.4 Service Release 2

Issue ID



Brief Description




USPS changes effective Jan 4th 2010

Some of the service names have been updated by the USPS.  Any services that have changed will no longer appear as an available shipping method in AbleCommerce.




Canonical URL Issue - Two Forward Slashes

If you happen to use an SEO tool, you'll see that pages are being crawled as two different URL's.  For example, http://localhost/category-c1.aspx and also http://localhost//category-c1.aspx - with two forward slashes.



Store Templates

Product page does not display more than 8 options

If you have created more than 8 options for a product, anything past the 8th will not appear on the product detail page in the storefront.  This happens after upgrading, or in a new 7.0.4 store.




IIS Application pool stops when database connection is unavailable

If the database is unavailable for some reason, the application pool stops if multiple attempts are made to access the store.  This causes the web server to respond with ”Service Unavailable”




Paypal Express orders are not triggering certain events

This issue may be present when using digital goods and Paypal Express Checkout.  Orders paid with Paypal Express were not triggering the digital good emails, downloads, and serial keys.

Additionally, if you use triggers for your order notifications such that it will only send when the order is paid, this bug prevented the email from being sent.  




Subscriptions - transaction amount is not reduced with coupons

When a product coupon is used with a subscription product, the transaction amount sent to the payment gateway did not include the correct discounted amount.




Remove AvaTax files from AbleCommerce 7.0.4 install package

If you are a developer and compile the 7.0.4 version, it will throw an error like this:

The type or namespace name 'AvaTax' does not exist in the namespace 'CommerceBuilder.Taxes.Providers' (are you missing an assembly reference?)\Admin\Taxes\Providers\AvaTax\Default.aspx.cs


Delete the entire \AvaTax\ folder located in the \Admin\Taxes\Providers\ folder.




Remove Batch Update files after upgrading to 7.0.4

The upgrade is not removing some files that are no longer used.  If you are a developer and compile the 7.0.4 version after upgrading, it will throw an error like this:

Error 4 'CommerceBuilder.Products.Product' does not contain a definition for 'ProductTemplateId'
C:\InetShare\AbleCommerce\Admin\Products\Batching\BatchUpdate.aspx.cs 406


Delete two files, "BatchUpdate.aspx" and "BatchUpdate.aspx.cs" located in the \Admin\Products\Batching\ folder.




Unable to process subscription orders using Cybersource

Products with recurring subscriptions are not processing with the Cybersource payment gateway.  An error will be present on the order's payment page -

Object reference not set to an instance of an object





Order amounts are not recalculated after coupons are entered

A few different issues were discovered with regards to order coupons, shipping calculations based on percentage, and how shipping coupons interact with shipping calculations.  The "One Page Checkout" recalculates shipping (with shipping coupon present) and the shipping charge calculates incorrectly.




Full Text Search: Two or more word searches are not sorted by relevance

The search does not give the correct results if 2 or more search words are entered.

Other significant changes and improvements were made to incorporate free text search with results sorted by rank.  This will take effect for product searches so that a Title, Sku, Model number, and Search keywords count as double (x2) weight.  A product's Summary description is x1-1/2 weight, and keywords in a product's description count as regular (x1) weight.




Admin UI

SQL Server 2000, Ambiguous column "OrderId" error for tax details report

Unable to view the tax report when using MS-SQL 2000 database server.




Forced substring match does not work with full text search

The ability to use search phrases with wild cards would have triggered a basic search instead of an FTS search, and the results would not be as expected.

e.g. tomato* sauce

After the fix, the above phrase is sent to the FTS parser and returns products that have words stemmed with tomato AND the word sauce.




Parse stop words from search phrase

Users may input search queries that contain words not indexed by sql server. For example, "A Cat in the Hat" contains 3 words that are not indexed - a, in, the.  These are commonly called noise words (SQL 2005) or stop words (SQL 2008).

This leads to a major failure of FTS search if the customer unknowingly includes one of these words.  To correct the issue, there is a new file called "stopwords.txt" in the app_data folder.  This file can be modified to include additional, or remove, these special words or characters.





Search queries use 'OR' operator instead of 'AND' on multiple terms

When multiple search terms are entered, the results return all items containing ANY of the terms used. The correct functionality of a search with multiple terms should reduce the number of results.




Add the ability to recreate the database search index from Admin

A minor enhancement that allows the database search catalog to be recreated from the AbleCommerce merchant admin.  To initiate, go to the Configure > Maintenance page and there will be a new option to rebuild the search index.  

NOTE:  Performance testing has not been completed for large catalogs.   




Order ID is sent to Chase Paymentech instead of Order Number

The transaction information sent to the gateway included the order ID instead of the order number.  This may cause difficulties with order processing if the order number and order ID were not in-sync.




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