Service Release 1 for AbleCommerce 7.0.3

Applies To: AbleCommerce 7.0.3 build 12458+

Last Updated On:  06/14/2010



Free Upgrade for AbleCommerce 7.0.3

An update for AbleCommerce 7.0.3 is available.  The Service Release patch corrects issues found after the release of AbleCommerce 7.0.3 build 11659.  Please see the table below for a list of individual issues fixed.  Some issues can only be corrected by a manual change not included in the patch.  

  • AbleCommerce 7.0.3 SR1 is a free download to customers.  See enclosed "readme" for instructions.

  • Also included in this update, a new global.asax file to correct issue's 7880 and 8604 below.  Place a new global.asax file in the root folder or merge any changes into your own file.

A Service Release is a limited set of corrections to a full release build.  Careful consideration is given to an issue's severity and whether or not it causes a serious issue in the software's use or functionality. 

TIP:  To find your AbleCommerce build number, go to Help > About from the merchant administration page.


  • Issue ID # = Use this number as a reference to the issue.

  • Severity = This describes the impact of the bug.

  • Component = The area of AbleCommerce that was affected by the issue.

  • Brief Description = The title of the bug report and a brief summary of the issue.


Issues corrected in 7.0.3 Service Release 1

Issue ID



Brief Description




McAfee scan generates invalid viewstate errors

When McAfee scans the site, it produces about 500 errors each day.  The error may resemble "The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupted.; Invalid viewstate."

This issue is in the change logs for 7.0.3, however, it was a missing post-upgrade step.





Full text search breaks with multiple keywords

When full text search is enabled and you enter multiple keywords into the search box it crashes




When full text search is enabled, NarrowSearch should use product description fields

With full text search enabled, use the search in the store header.  Enter a keyword that only appears in a product description.  The product will not be displayed in the results because the search only looks at the product name and search keywords.

After applying the fix, when full text search is enabled, we automatically include all fields in the search.  This is Name, SKU, ModelNumber, Summary, Description, ExtendedDescription, and SearchKeywords.






GoogleCheckout fails to record new orders

When using GoogleCheckout, the order will appear to go through successfully for the customer but nothing will be recorded in AbleCommerce.

Another symptom if you have not yet enabled GoogleCheckout -> The GoogleCheckout button fails to appear on the list of Payment Gateways available.





Kit member product cannot be purchased when inventory level is at 1

When a kit's member product has inventory control enabled at the product level, the In Stock amount is 1 and the Allow Backorder option is disabled, the customer will receive a warning when that kit is added to the basket.  The warning indicates the item is out of stock and removed from the basket when it is actually available for purchase.




Admin UI

Unable to serialize the session state on People -> Users

If the Session State mode in web.config is set to SQLServer, you will receive a SerializationException error when accessing the People > Users page.




Store Templates

Available stock can be exceeded at checkout

If you have inventory control enabled and you add a product with only 1 quantity in stock available for purchase, the customer can add one product to the basket and change the value to quantity 2 from the basket page and checkout.





Detection of Full Text Search can cause errors if user does not have sufficient database permission





Feed generation fails over 1000 products (GoogleBase, Yahoo, and





Do not log email error if SMTP host is not specified (for 5.5 data imports)





Unclosed reader is causing connections to not be released back to the pool

WebpageCategoryCollection, LinkCategoryCollection, ProductCategoryCollection are leaving a connection open.  This can create a problem when importing a dataset of significant size.




Full Text Search does not handle multiple search terms appropriately

When entering multiple terms, the search should automatically use an OR search.    Contains is doing a phrase match, where we should be using FreeText.




Discounts, Kits, and Tax together may cause issue on add to basket

This problem occurs when you have a child item (i.e. a kit item) that has a taxable child item (i.e. a discount).  The tax calculation needs to identify the parent item but it did not work when the parent was more than one level higher.




UPS from Canada is not working with product dimensions

Dimensional shipping fails for CANADA origin items with the error message:

00 is not a valid unit of measurement for dimensions for this shipment




Store Templates

Add to cart on product page doesn't work unless the minibasket control is on the page

If the default sidebar scriptlet is removed or changed so that the minibasket control does NOT appear on the product pages.  Add the product to the cart and this error may result -

The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "ac_Baskets_ac_BasketItems_FK1". The conflict occurred in database "ablecommerce", table "dbo.ac_Baskets", column 'BasketId'.




Store Templates

Products randomly display incorrect pricing when sorting kits

The pricing of a Kit with member products can be different than the actual kit price when you view that kit from a category page which display multiple pages with navigation.  It works fine on the first page, but pages 2, 3, 4, etc. may randomly change the kit price.





Suppress invalid viewstate / invalid padding errors for resource axd files

Error log is full of errors about webresource.axd or scriptresource.axd - invalid padding and invalid viewstate.  

These errors are generated from an ASPNET quirk.  If a cached page (e.g. on a search engine) stores a link to a webresource that later expires - attempting to access this resource throws the error.  It seems highly linked to search engine bots.




Shipping Provider

USPS changes effective Jan 4th 2010

Some of the service names have been updated by the USPS.  Any services that have changed will no longer appear as an available shipping method in AbleCommerce.





IIS Application pool stops when database connection is unavailable

If the database is unavailable for some reason, the application pool stops if multiple attempts are made to access the store.  This causes the web server to respond with ”Service Unavailable”





Paypal Express orders are not triggering certain events

This issue may be present when using digital goods and Paypal Express Checkout.  Orders paid with Paypal Express were not triggering the digital good emails, downloads, and serial keys.

Additionally, if you use triggers for your order notifications such that it will only send when the order is paid, this bug prevented the email from being sent.  





Search queries use 'OR' operator instead of 'AND' on multiple terms

When multiple search terms are entered, the results return all items containing ANY of the terms used. The correct functionality of a search with multiple terms should reduce the number of results.

*Add the ability to recreate the database search index from Admin

A minor enhancement that allows the database search catalog to be recreated from the AbleCommerce merchant admin.  To initiate, go to the Configure > Maintenance page and there will be a new option to rebuild the search index.  

NOTE:  Performance testing has not been completed for large catalogs.  



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