IE 9 issue with the product image gallery

Applies to: AbleCommerce versions AC 7.0.5 to 7.0.6

Date:  05/23/2011

For version 7.0.7, skip this patch and apply AbleCommerce 7.0.7 SR1a instead.



Description of Issue:

Additional Product Images not showing when viewing the Uvumi gallery with Internet Explorer 9.



When viewing products with "Additional Images" attached, the images do not show up when clicking the "More Images" button.

No on screen error is displayed.

With debugging on, you may see a runtime error:

microsoft jScript runtime error: DOM exception:  INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR(5)  



To correct the issue, apply the patch below:



Download and extract the attached file. Then you need to copy/replace that extracted mootools-for-gallery.js in your Website/js folder. Now make sure to clear your browser cache and then try opening the gallery.



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