Edit Address for Order with Multiple Shipments

Applies to: AbleCommerce versions AC 7.0.5 and 7.0.6

Date:  12/05/2011

Severity:  Critical

For version 7.0.7, this issue is fixed.



Description of Issue:

When using the Edit Addresses button from the Order Details page, there is bug when multiple shipments are involved.



If you click Save to store any changes made, all the shipment addresses will get set to the whatever address is shown on the first shipment. This deletes the address details of shipments beyond Shipment #1.



To correct the issue, apply the patch below:



Download and extract the file EditAddresses.aspx.cs

Replace the original one in your ..\Admin\Orders\ folder.  

If you have customized this file, make a backup and merge your changes.



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