Compilation Errors using VS 2010

Applies to: AbleCommerce version 7.0.7 build 14481

Date:  05/23/2011

7/07/11 - Service Release 1 is available.  You can skip this patch and apply AbleCommerce 7.0.7 SR1a instead.  



Description of Issue:

When compiling the solution with Visual Studio 2010, you will receive circular reference errors.



There are controls in one directory that reference controls in another directory. Behind the scenes, Visual Studio is compiling the files into assemblies and it attempts to set up references between the two directories.

The exact errors are:

Circular file references are not allowed.

Unknown server tag 'uc:AccountDataViewport'.  



To correct the issue, extract the files in the patch below:



You will need to update and remove files within the \Admin\ folder.  Use the files extracted from the patch.

Copy to the locations indicated below:



Delete the files Admin/Orders/Payments/AccountDataViewport.*

Now you will be able to rebuild the whole solution.



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