Service Release 1 for AbleCommerce 7.0.5

Applies To: AbleCommerce 7.0.5 build 14053

Last Updated On:  10/12/2010



Free Upgrade for AbleCommerce 7.0.5

An update for AbleCommerce 7.0.5 is available.  The Service Release patch corrects issues found after the release of AbleCommerce 7.0.5 build 14053.  Please see the table below for a list of individual issues fixed.  Some issues can only be corrected by a manual change not included in the patch.

  • AbleCommerce 7.0.5 SR1 is a free download to customers.  See enclosed "readme" for instructions.

If an issue is not listed on this page, it will be corrected in the next full release and made available to subscription holders.

A Service Release is a limited set of corrections to a full release build.  Careful consideration is given to an issue's severity and whether or not it causes a serious issue in the software's use or functionality.

TIP:  To find your AbleCommerce build number, go to Help > About from the merchant administration page. 

Release Notes - AbleCommerce version 7.0.5 SR1 (build 14135)

Issues Fixed
  • Error saving page view record

  • Kits using hidden member products will not activate shipping recalculation in admin

  • Remove invalid error check when a transaction is captured by anon user account

  • Unable to serialize the session state error when using Paypal Express

  • Missing tooltip for Website url on affiliate signup and edit forms

  • Retail buy product dialog does not properly display out of stock, included/shown kit products

  • Payment form disappears if order balance is 0 and shipping charges apply

  • Page refresh needed after the encryption key is set for the first time

  • Recalculating with multiple qty from Admin Create Order page displays total price

  • When sending messages to Email list, LastSendDate column is missing update

  • Update Google Analytics integration to use newer syntax

  • EditSimilarProducts page breaks when using MSSQL 2000 db

  • Search does not trim spaces from the search phrase

  • Inconsistent display of kit items

  Google Checkout Hot Patch --> Download Now

Place the CommerceBuilder.GoogleCheckout.dll in the /bin/ folder.  The version should update to 7.5.14270.  Fixes the two issues listed below.

  • Google Checkout Merchant Calculation broken

  • Google Checkout Merchant Tax Calculation broken for anonymous users


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