AbleCommerce 7.0.1 Service Release 1

Version: AbleCommerce 7.0.1 Asp.Net (build 11667)

Applies to: Build 10875

Date:  1/6/2010

Download: AC701_SR1_Patch_B10875_to_B11667.exe



Free Upgrade for AbleCommerce 7.0.1

AbleCommerce continues to provide important updates to current releases.  If you are not a subscription holder, you will still receive service release patches.  These are small patches that will correct any major software defects that prevent use of a major feature and that have no work-around.  It also includes any critical security updates that make the software vulnerable.

NOTE:  Make sure you are running AbleCommerce 7.1 build 10875 before applying this patch.  After installing, your version will change to AbleCommerce 7.0.1.  Please see the Version Realignment notice for more information.

After downloading the exe file, extract the contents to a temporary folder.  Open the included readme.txt file for instructions.



CHANGE LOG - Service Release 1

Below is a list of issues fixed from build 10875 to build 11667.

Issue ID



Checkout Page With Login : Legacy checkout pages not working


Refund and Add payment pages should not retain credit card number in field


browsing multiple images with IE7 hangs the application

To correct this issue, a gallery replacement based on Uvumi is available at -


Tax calculator breaks for new anonymous users (using mini-basket control)


Taxes not showing up in Google Checkout


references to DHL international (beta) are causing debug errors during compilation

To correct this issue, remove all files in the \Admin\Shipping\Providers\DHLInternational\ folder except these three:  BetaProgram.aspx, BetaProgram.aspx.cs, Logo.jpg


Disable anonymous checkout if there are subscription products in the basket


cannot checkout with Safari and checkout terms enabled


anonymous user accounts not converted to registered accounts at the right time


Relabel version 7.1 to version 7.0.1


Extend product image alttext fields to 255 characters



Known Issues fixed after SR1

Known Issues in 7.0.1 Service Release 1

Bug ID



Brief Description



Shipping Provider

ISSUE:  USPS changes effective Jan 4th 2010

Some of the service names have been updated by the USPS.  Any services that have changed will no longer appear as an available shipping method in AbleCommerce.

TO FIX:  download the patch and review the Readme inside for further instruction.





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