AbleCommerce 7.0.7 Service Release 1a

Applies to: AbleCommerce 7.0.7 build 14481+

Last update:  07/07/2011



Free Upgrade for AbleCommerce 7.0.7

An update for AbleCommerce 7.0.7 is available.  The Service Release is a cumulative patch correcting issues found after the release of AbleCommerce 7.0.7 build 14481.  Please see the table below for a list of individual issues fixed.  Some issues can only be corrected by a manual change, as documented within the patch.

Release Notes:

  • AbleCommerce 7.0.7 SR1a is a free download to customers.  See enclosed "readme" for instructions.

  • Also included in this update, a revised web.config for NEW AbleCommerce installations running under Microsoft's ASP.NET version 4.0.

  • For any installation that began with version 7.0.0 or earlier, you may be experiencing a problem with the automated maintenance routines.  Please see the enclosed "readme" for more information and a work-around to the issue.

  • Patch is required for new FedEx registrations.

  • Includes latest DataPort client files


What is a Service Release?

A Service Release is a limited set of corrections to a full release build, typically including a cumulative update of several hot patches.  The patch is free and available to all customers, however, the issues chosen for correction are selected by severity.

Careful consideration is given to an issue's severity and whether or not it causes a serious issue in the software's use or functionality.  The full releases, available by upgrade or subscription, will contain new features, enhancements, regular bug fixes, and the issues included in a service release.


Change Log from 7.0.7 build 14481 to 7.0.7 build 14600

Issue ID

Issue Description

Additional Information


Revert changes made in pagehelper.cs to correct issue with the Keep Shopping button returning user to the wrong location

the change made in 7.0.7 introduced a category page performance issue when a product is assigned to more than one category


Custom URL case sensitive when AbleCommerce is installed as application in IIS

May result in 404 Not Found error if the installation resides in a virtual directory


Update GoogleBase feed to include product shipping weight

new Google requirement


Upgrade should rebuild FTS indexes

* manual step within the readme.  applicable to upgraded installations beginning with first version 7.0.0


Reduce noise in merchant error log by filtering potentially dangerous requests generated by Hackersafe

* see readme for manual steps to modify the global.asax


Combination of product coupons leads to negative basket total

alternate checkout with 2 combinable coupons that exceed 100%


Zip+4 codes not valid with basket shipping estimator control

symptom may appear when using AvaTax service


Assist merchants with anon. user cleanup

see Anonymous User Maintenance for important information


Answering customer's note from order doesn't trigger the option to mark all notes for order read.



Order number needs linked from Manage Notes pg



VS2010 cannot build website due to circular reference

developer related.  two files must be removed, see readme.


Basket Summary page throws error during site compilation

BasketSummary' does not contain a definition for 'BasketId' when viewing Abandoned Basket report


Uvumi image gallery is not compatible with IE9

affects the retail pages if using multiple product images


web.config for 4.0 needs requestValidationMode set

apply before a new installation, see readme


Null basket item errors when max quantity property is used

product must be using a min. and max quantity of 1


Update copyright notice in admin footer



Enable Package Breakup option does not stay set

USPS and UPS configurations


Revise descriptions to show unsupported Fedex and new Fedex webservices



Include instructions on obtaining a FedEx registration for webservices.

* see Setting up FedEx Web Services for additional information.


Conclude testing for FedEx webservices integration



Custom URL field not visible unless site Allows Reviews.



Require anonymous user maintenance setting

* see Anonymous User Maintenance for important information




SR1a build 14600

Includes minor updates to sync the DLL versions, make .NET 4.0 the default choice of installation, and the latest DataPort client files.

see readme for information on the exact file changes

* step needs to be performed manually


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