Upgrade from AbleCommerce 7 (Beta 2 to RC1)

This document includes instructions on performing post upgrade tasks.  These changes are required if you have upgraded from Beta 2 (build 7971+).

Post Upgrade Issues to Fix

You need to complete these post-upgrade steps to ensure there are no errors with your upgraded installation.


STEP 1) Email a Friend -

This will complete implementation of the 'Email a Friend' feature.  

  1. Login to the AbleCommerce merchant administration.

  2. Go to Configure > Email > Settings

  3. For the "Send to Friend" field, choose the new template named 'Send Product to Friend'

  4. Click the SAVE button.


STEP 2) Add Email Templates -

The order notes now have triggers so you can send an email when you, or the customer, update an order.  You will need to install two additional email templates for this feature.  The email a friend template is included as well.   
These are simply examples, you may modify the email templates any way you like.  
  1. Click here to Download the patch ""

  2. Extract the two files Note_added_by_customer.htm and Note_added_by_merchant.htm

  3. To install, go to Configure > Email > Templates

  4. Click the button to ADD EMAIL TEMPLATE

  5. To create the Note added by Merchant template, add the following:

  6. To create the Note added by Customer template, add the following:

  7. To create the Send product to friend template, add the following:

* The actual From and To addresses will be entered by the customer.


STEP 3) Change to Web.Config file -

This will fix an error on login.aspx when registering as new user.  By default, the web.config is not overwritten during an upgrade.

  1. Find your web.config file located in the root of your <installdir> folder.

  2. Open it in notepad or some other code editor.  

  3. Search for the word "membership" which first appears around line #129.

  4. On the next line, find the tag <providers> and hit return to add a new line after this one.

  5. Add the tag <clear/> on a line of it's own. (on or near line #131)

  6. When finished, the tag block should look like this:

    <membership defaultProvider="AbleCommerceMembershipProvider">


    <add name="AbleCommerceMembershipProvider" connectionStringName="AbleCommerce6" applicationName="/" type="CommerceBuilder.Users.AbleCommerceMembershipProvider"/>

  7. Save the file.  Restart the web service to refresh the cache.