AbleCommerce 7.0 Service Release 1a

Date Released:  August 7th, 2008 (SR1)* and August 13th, 2008 (SR1a)**

Version: AbleCommerce 7.0 SR1a (build 10152)

Applies To: AbleCommerce 7.0 Final (build 9879) only

Download: (download replaced by SR3)

2/10/09 - Service Release 3 is now available.  You can skip this patch and apply SR3 instead.  



The table below represents a number of issues that have been identified after final build 9879 was released on 6/24/08.  

Due to the dependencies of some issues, a cumulative patch has been released that will correct all issues in the list below.  We do not recommend that you attempt to patch issues separately.  

This patch can only be applied to final build 9879.  If you are running a build earlier than 9879, see Upgrading 7.x Asp.Net first.

After downloading the zip file, extract the contents to a temporary folder.  Open the included readme.txt file for instructions.

To find your AbleCommerce build number, go to Help > About from the merchant administration page.

NOTE:  After the initial release of this SR1 patch on 8/7/08, a new issue was found with kits using more than one of the same component.  This issue is Bug ID 7063 and should be patched individually ONLY if you have previously installed the SR1 update.  You can download the hot patch for bug 7063.

* If you had previously installed the SR1 patch made available on 8/7/08, then you can install the hot patch to fix bug 7063.

** On 8/13/08, this cumulative SR1 patch was updated to INCLUDE the fix for bug 7063.  So, if you are downloading on or after 8/13/08, you do NOT need to apply the hot patch above.




  • Bug ID # = Use this number as a reference to the issue.

  • Severity = This describes the impact of the bug, or it may be a product enhancement.

  • Component = The area of AbleCommerce that was affected by the issue.

  • Brief Description = The title of the Bug Report as entered by the user.  

Known Issues in FINAL (build 9879)

Bug ID



Brief Description



Store Templates

ISSUE:  Allow foreign currency to Google checkout

Example Error:  The currency used in the cart must match the currency of the seller account. You supplied a cart with USD and the seller account is associated with GBP.

The prior implementation had an error where the request did not include the store's base currency.  It was defaulting to USD which caused Google Checkout to fail.




ISSUE:  trouble setting encryption key in shared hosting environments

Logged multiple errors: Error decrypting data...

This issue would have existed in a medium trust environment when the encryption of payment data was in use.  

NOTE:  When a server cluster is employed, all servers must have the same trust level.



Store Templates

ISSUE:  mini basket in left column shows 1 less than actual qty in basket

If the mini-basket is enabled in the left column and a non-optioned product was added from a category content page, the basket would not update properly.

NOTE:  This issue has been fixed for Category Grid Page 2, Category Grid Page with Category Data, Category List Page, and Category Grid Page with Basket Options.  Due to design issues, the problem could not fixed for Category Grid Page in this update.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  Exception when deleting Vendor associated with some products

If a vendor is associated with some products and was deleted from the vendors page, it would product this error -

The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "ac_Vendors_ac_Products_FK1".



Store Templates

ISSUE:  user cannot delete product reviews

Product reviews cannot be deleted by the user.  The page just refreshes with "You have not yet submitted any product reviews." but if you return to the page, all the reviews are still there.  This applies to a published or unpublished reviews.



Store Templates

ISSUE:  Display of Kit price is incorrect on category pages

Applies to pricing for a kit with included components.  The price did not reflect the total kit price, but the symptom only appeared on the category display pages.



Store Templates

ISSUE:  UPS shipping not responding and letting clients continue checkout

Logged errors:  Error obtaining rate quote for shipping method 'UPS Ground'. The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.

The issue could happen when any real-time shipping provider is used.  In the case where communication to the host is lost, it is possible for the order to be completed without a shipping cost added.

NOTE:  New text was added on the final checkout page so that a customer knows a problem occurred.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  FCK Editor Bugs (Built-in editor in AbleCommerce)

When using the image upload feature of FCKEditor, an error occurs - "The server didn't send back a proper XML response".

The FCKEditor was not configured by for aspx pages.



Store Templates

ISSUE:  Bug in CategorySearchSidebar

If you have products and categories with the same Id, the  NarrowSearchCountByManufacturer can return results for Manufacturers in the Expand By Manufacturer section of the Category Search Sidebar, when in fact, no products actually exists in that category made by that manufacturer.



Store Templates

ISSUE:  Results area on category pages does not update in sync with search sidebar

The product finder (Category Search) used with a category display page was not updating the contents of the results.

NOTE:  This issue was fixed for the Category Grid page only.  Due to design issues, this bug could not be fixed for the remaining 4 category display pages in this update.




Admin UI

ISSUE:  Kit sub items do not have a price association which creates problems

Prices for kit components were not being recorded and could cause issues with exports and subscriptions used within a kit.  This can be viewed only from the merchant admin, reflected in reports and post-order processing.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  Error when using Marketing > Coupons > Users > Details.

Applies to SQL 2000 databases only.

From the Marketing > Coupons page, click on Uses then Details.  This error resulted - Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Ambiguous column name 'OrderId'.




ISSUE:  Google Checkout should be updated to use latest API otherwise international shipping is not possible

Google made an update in the ShippingRestrictions API element.  If you had setup international shipping methods and tried to select any country other then US, it gives an error message like -

Note: Test Business does not ship to Thailand via Google Checkout.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  Shipping provider registration should use store address for default values

Applies to UPS and FedEX.  The registration page uses the default warehouse address information.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  Payflo pro config page needs a separate field for Vendor

If you had multiple users with the same account, ”r;vendor” was the account name (e.g. Company) and ”r;user” was the individual employee (e.g. User).  Our implementation did not have a separate field for user.  



Store Templates

ISSUE:  shipping coupon can cause a failed transaction in Paypal

If an order had a shipping charge that was greater than the total of the items, and a free shipping coupon was applied at 100%, it was possible for the transaction to fail with an error "Item total is invalid. (10426) (Failure)"



Store Templates

ISSUE:  Checkout randomly allows orders without shipping information or transactions failed

This issue can appear when a user has opened two browser instances and has attempted to initiate the checkout sequence with both.  

It was also possible that some payment gateways would reject a transaction if there was no last name.  There had been one field where the customer could enter both first and last name.  After the patch, the first and last name fields have been separated into two fields.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  Changing the default warehouse is not working properly

Set the default warehouse with ID = 2 where previously it was warehouse ID =1.  

The Token.Instance.Store.DefaultWarehouseId will be 2, but the Token.Instance.Store.DefaultWarehouse is still pointing to warehouse with Id = 1.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  Exception is thrown when try to find user by name or email for Email List on admin side of store running SQL Server 2000 Database

Applies to SQL 2000 databases only.

When you search for users to add to an email list, an error occurs - Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name 'LastName'.



Store Templates

ISSUE:  Customers making order payment need to be able to update billing address

Applies to the use of FailedPaymentsHandling, a feature that must be enabled.  The ability for the customer to retry the transaction also includes the billing form so that customer can make any corrections to the address used.




ISSUE:  URL rewrite does not support unicode characters

If you use international characters in your product descriptions, the SEO friendly URLs fail to work.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  list of products assigned to tax code is missing information

When you view the products assigned to a tax code, the report is missing the product names.



Admin UI

ISSUE:  In Firefox 2 HTML Editor is not working properly

Using the built-in FCK editor, the description was not being updated with new text.



Store Templates

ISSUE:  Display of kits was inconsistent with basket, checkout, and invoice

The kit components were itemized on the receipt/invoice pages.  This was inconsistent with the display during checkout and in the basket where the components were shown in a bullet list.



API/Store Templates

ISSUE:  Multiple Kit components cause miscalculation on checkout

This issue was discovered in the RC1 patch that was released on 8/7/08.  If you had a kit product using more than one of the same component, it would exclude the calculation for the additional item.  This caused a "Balance Due" on checkout.

This bug can be fixed individually by downloading the hot patch here.