AbleCommerce 9 Change Log

This document is a list of bug fixes, features, and enhancements between AbleCommerce version and version  

Released Version: AbleCommerce 9.0.2 (Build 6218)

Release Date: 03/24/2020

To Upgrade: See Upgrade to AbleCommerce 9.0.2 instructions and information.

Introducing Zapier in AbleCommerce 9.0.2

Create instant connections (aka Zaps) from/to AbleCommerce using your favorite applications - Request an invitation today!

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect to more than 1,400+ apps, automate tasks and build custom automated workflows to help your business save time. By using Zapier and AbleCommerce, you can expand and automate your eCommerce business.

One of the most powerful features of Zapier is how it can be used to create Zaps that will update any application with outgoing or incoming data and requests.

Consider the following use-case automation examples:  

AbleCommerce provides a free built-in integration with Zapier. The integration is available to all customers using any version of AbleCommerce. You will need to create a Zapier account and choose from one of the plans they offer.

Zapier offers a "free forever" plan which includes up to 5 single-step Zaps. Now combine this with the AbleCommerce "free forever" 1-admin user license, and you'll be on your way to growing your eCommerce business with minimal investment!

Read more about Zapier, and learn how to create Zaps to/from AbleCommerce.

New Features and Improvements in 9.0.2

Security Related Improvements:

Google Feed Improvements:

Age_group is missing options:
newborn, infant, toddler, kids, adult

Excluded_destination is missing options:  
Shopping Ads, Shopping Actions, Display Ads, Surfaces across Google

promotion_id (AdwordsGrouping) should allow up to 10 promotion IDs per product.

Custom_labels (AdwordsLabels) should allow up to 5 custom labels per product.


Issues Fixed in 9.0.2

Issue key Summary
AC9-1469 Header mobile logo appears and then disappears on scroll
AC9-1465 Error logging is not working for null exception, non-http exception
AC9-1461 Merchant's create order wizard gets stuck when you try to change th shipping address
AC9-1457 Redirects above 1000 not working properly as Cache size not setup for for Redirects cache
AC9-1456 On changing the option, product rating stars disapper at product page
AC9-1455 Saving store configure page returns 500 error if Inventory is enabled
AC9-1454 Admin menu and breadcrumbs should be case insensitive
AC9-1453 Admin Breadcrumbs link broken for the Edit Choice page
AC9-1452 Home page throws 500 error, if number of redirects exceed the default cache size
AC9-1450 Payment Method Group Assignment to Groups are getting deleted on re-save
AC9-1448 Null Exception on creating a new address from account section
AC9-1445 Trim the white spaces around the name keyword while searching
AC9-1444 Admin ->  Error Log Delete Selected Button Does Not Work Correctly
AC9-1443 Theme config file changes are not reflected without application restart
AC9-1442 Product quantity box width does not resize if initial quantity is in 3 figures
AC9-1441 Product template missing setting during a copy
AC9-1440 Search results with webpage summary should output description as HTML
AC9-1437 Article listing widget is not rendering HTML in summary
AC9-1435 Invalid redirect if custom URL uses old ID in URL scheme
AC9-1434 Zone name validation is not working on Copy Layout page
AC9-1433 Invalid sortLink on account pages if Paypal is configured
AC9-1432 Not able to create new inner template and new layout
AC9-1431 There are some errors entries in error logs related to theme loading for a page
AC9-1430 Product Templates page link is not correct
AC9-1416 The Ship Message field is missing from checkout/shipmethod page
AC9-1413 Unable to register after checking out as a guest
AC9-1407 Cannot sort shipping methods
AC9-1404 For mobile screen header menu, include link for login page and admin
AC9-1401 Checkout workflow is broken if OPC option is enabled after upgrading
AC9-1396 Enforce the correct file extensions from Asset Manager
AC9-1389 Ability to add a non-admin group from the Edit User page
AC9-1385 New Customer note added trigger doesn't work
AC9-1382 Unable to assign password fields on create new user
AC9-1376 Hard error on adding customer notes from retail receipt page
AC9-1373 Favicon always being pulled from the Sample theme which shows a cat
AC9-1370 Paging not working for Order Manager when notes are searched with keywords
AC9-1367 Need ability to Edit a Fixed or Dynamic Redirect 
AC9-1365 Inconsistency found related to theme name on retail and admin  
AC9-1363 Ensure page validations when browser back button is used
AC9-1361 Cancel Subscriptions returns with 500 error
AC9-1354 Widgets with no settings should hide the configuration option
AC9-1352 Digital Good's License agreement activation issues on retail side
AC9-1351 Missing links to readme and licensing for My Digital Goods page
AC9-1348 Manage User pages show the username value for email
AC9-1332 Remove hardcoded CSS references
AC9-1331 Reset Admin doesn't work in a nested application state or virtual directory
AC9-1330 Gold R12 upgrades: Change default theme assignment to 'Sample'
AC9-1329 Updating quantity in basket needs to improve for a mobile
AC9-1328 Routedebugger when enabled gives error on retail side but works for admin
AC9-1327 Edit address Modal pop up title is harcoded on admin view order
AC9-1326 MembersController ReadMe page Url generation code need to be fixed
AC9-1324 Admin/Website/Edit Content Page (catalog tab) forces a user to select al least one category 
AC9-1310 New Store Menu with Content links should support group membership and sorting
AC9-1307 Save message appearing on product detail page
AC9-1300 Show payment gateway options for valid payment instruments only
AC9-1296 Display digital file path with name for the DG listings
AC9-1262 Popular products container is not updating
AC9-1253 Incorrect Column name on Manage Subscription page
AC9-1198 Prevent duplicate category names in catalog
AC9-1195 Plugin filter setting should not reset after installing or uninstalling a plugin



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