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UPS Online® Tools

With UPS OnLine® Tools, customers can get real-time shipping rates to domestic U.S., Canadian, and international addresses.  Your customers can also view UPS tracking information for their packages right from your store!  You can enable UPS OnLine® Tools by completing a short registration within AbleCommerce.  This allows you to begin testing real-time shipping rates without a UPS account.

The AbleCommerce integration with UPS Online® Tools includes the UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool and the UPS Tracking Tool.  The AbleCommerce UPS integration includes features like selecting your rate based on customer type, including insurance, and package tracking.  AbleCommerce uses your product's weight and dimensions to calculate the most accurate rates possible.

International shipping is available from many locations –

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Venezuela.

UPS Online® Tools Features and Requirements

  • UPS Online® Tools requires you to register online through AbleCommerce.  Providing a shipping account number is optional.

  • UPS expects all product measurements to be in pounds and inches. Rates will still be calculated if you use a different unit of measurement, but there is additional overhead in converting the measurements. You will have the best performance if you use pounds and inches to begin with.

  • Shipping to international destinations is available.

  • Shipment tracking features are built-into AbleCommerce.  Tracking services are provided by UPS Online® Tools.

Register with UPS Online® Tools

You must register with UPS even if you already have an account with them.  

  1. From the Integrated Carriers page, click the ADD CARRIER button to choose the UPS Online Tools link or click the UPS Online Tools link directly from this page, whichever is available.

  2. The first step of the registration process is to read and accept the license agreement.  You should review the agreement and print a copy for your records by clicking the PRINT button at the bottom of the page.


    You must select the 'Yes, I Do Agree' option and click the NEXT button to continue.  

    If you do not wish to use any of the functions that utilize the UPS OnLine® Tools, click 'Cancel' to return to the main menu. If, at a later time, you wish to use the UPS OnLine® Tools, return to this section and complete the UPS OnLine® Tools licensing and registration process.

  3. The next page is the registration form where you will enter contact information for this account.  Fields designated with "R" must be completed.


    You must enter a contact name, title, company name, website URL, street address, city, state, and zip code.  Select a country supported as a shipping origin.  Enter a 10-digit phone number without spaces or hyphens, and an email address.

    If you already have an account with UPS, then enter it in the UPS Account Number field provided.  It is not necessary to have an existing account to complete the registration and use UPS Online Tools for rate calculations.  However, it is necessary to have an account to start shipping.  

  4. If you would like to have a UPS Sales Representative contact you about opening a shipping account, please select 'Yes', otherwise select 'No' and click the NEXT button to continue.

  5. After completing the short registration process, you will be on the Configure UPS Online® Tools page as shown in the example below.


    The settings on this page will impact the services and rates in your store.  See Configure UPS Online Tools in the next section.

  6. After configuration of the shipping gateway, you can return to this page by going to Configure > Shipping > Integrated Carriers.


  7. Click the EDIT icon to access the configuration pages for any of the integrated carriers.  

Configure UPS Online® Tools

The settings here can impact the rates returned by the UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool.  

  1. From the Integrated Carriers page, click the EDIT icon for UPS OnLine® Tools.  This will bring you to the Configuration Settings menu.


  2. The Instance Name can be changed if you have more than one account from the same shipping service.  This value is not displayed to customers.

  3. Review and choose the appropriate Customer Type -


    An incorrect setting for Customer Type will result in less accurate rate estimates.

  4. If you want the estimated rate to include insurance, select 'Yes'.  When this option is checked, AbleCommerce sends the value of the shipment to the service rate provider.  Most shipping services already provide insurance up to a certain amount.  The default setting is 'No'.


    : Turns on or off the optional shipping insurance. When enabled, all real-time rates will reflect the additional cost (if any) for insurance.

  5. The URL settings come pre-configured when you create the shipping account through AbleCommerce.  These URL's can change so the fields are available for modification.  It is not advisable to modify the URL's here unless specifically instructed to do so.


    Live Mode URL
    : The URL to which requests are posted in Live mode.

    Test Mode URL
    : The URL to which requests are posted in Test Mode.

    Tracking URL
    :  The URL to which requests are sent for package tracking. {0} is substituted with the tracking number at the time of request.

  6. The Mode settings are used to enable/disable rates from the test server.  Debugging can also be enabled which can help with any communication problems.


    Test Mode
    : When Test Mode is enabled, rate requests are sent to test server using the Test Mode URL.

    Debug Mode
    : When debug mode is enabled, all messages sent to and received from UPS are logged. This should only be enabled at the direction of qualified support personnel.

    Default Log File Location: ..\App_Data\Logs\[gatewayname].log

  7. When finished, click the UPDATE button.  This DOES NOT COMPLETE setup of the shipping gateway.  Please see Configuring Shipping Services for UPS Online Tools in the next section.
    Or, you can click the CLOSE button to return to the Integrated Carriers page.

Configuring Shipping Services for UPS Online® Tools

You must select the services you want to be available to your customers.  Each service (shipping method) is configured separately.

  1. From the Integrated Carriers page, click the EDIT icon for UPS OnLine® Tools.

  2. At the top of the menu, click the Services (Shipping Methods) tab.  This will bring you to the Provider Services/Shipping Methods menu.


    In the top section, you will see the Provider Services that are configured and in use for your store.  After registering a new shipping account through AbleCommerce, the gateway will have nothing configured by default.

    In the bottom section, you will see a list of all available Provider Services for the UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool.  When the service is listed in this section, it is unavailable and will not be offered as a shipping option in your store. You should review the entire list of shipping services offered and decide which ones you want to make available.

  3. In our example, we will add and configure the UPS Ground shipping service.  In the Provider Services Not Configured section, check the box next to UPS Ground and any others you want to offer as a shipping service.


  4. Click the ADD DEFAULT CONFIGURATION button.  The selected shipping services now appear in the Provider Services (Ship Methods) Configured section.


  5. Each shipping service will use it's own configuration settings.  To configure a shipping service, click the EDIT icon to view the Edit Method page.


  6. The above example shows the default configuration values for all shipping services added.

  7. Change the Method Name if needed.  This is the name that will be displayed to the customer and the merchant on all invoices and receipts.

  8. The Service is a list of all services available through this shipping gateway.  They can be selected and configured from this page.

  9.  Enter a surcharge or Handling Fee to be included with the order.  This can be a fixed amount or percentage of the shipping amount.


  10. You also have the option to include the fee in the shipping charge, or show it as a separate item on the invoices.

  11. If this shipping service applies to a specific Warehouse(s), select it from Selected Warehouses list.  Otherwise, use the All Warehouses option.
    A warehouse determines the shipping origin.


  12. If this shipping service applies to a specific Zone(s), select it from the Selected Zones list.  Otherwise, use the All Zones option.
    A zone determines the shipping destination.

  13. When you apply a shipping service to a user group, then it will only appear for the users who are logged in as members of that group.  Check the box(es) for Selected Groups or use All Groups if this shipping service is available to everyone.


  14. The Minimum Purchase field is the minimum amount that must be purchased before this shipping service will be available.  Until this limit is met, the shipping method will not display.
    A minimum purchase value applies to the total of each shipment, not the total of the order.

  15. If these shipping charges are taxable, then select a Tax Code.  Make sure you understand the tax laws according to your local tax authority.
    Taxes on shipping charges are combined with any other taxes calculated for the shipment.


  16. Click the SAVE button when finished.  This will bring you back to the Configure Shipping Methods menu.


  17. From this page, you can continue to add and configure shipping services from the Add Integrated Carrier Method section.

  18. To add a new shipping service, select the Provider and then select the Service.  Click the ADD button to edit as needed.


    After editing and saving, you will be returned to the Configure Shipping Methods page.


UPS brand, and the Color Brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

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