AbleCommerce Gold Installation Guide

These instructions are intended for new installations.  

If you are upgrading from AbleCommerce 7, please see Upgrading to AbleCommerce Gold instead.


Minimum System Requirements

* For detailed information on the system requirements for AbleCommerce, please visit System Requirements.

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Step 1: Launch the Web-based Installer

  1. Copy all program files to the desired location in your website.

    Note:  If you are installing AbleCommerce to a virtual folder, such as, then make sure to configure a web directory in advance.

  2. Either open the AbleCommerce.sln file with a development application like Visual Studio,

  3. Or, you can upload the contents of the \website\ folder to a website running Asp.Net.

  4. With a browser, open the default.aspx page located in the /install/ folder.

  5. Read and Accept the License Agreement to continue.

    --- please read ---


Troubleshooting Assistance:  In order to launch the web-based installation, your website needs to be configured to run Asp.Net applications.

Step 2: Enter a License Key

On the first page of the install wizard, you will see a section named License Key.  

There are three choices here.  


Step 3: Connect to the Database

On the bottom of the first page of the install wizard, you will see a section named Database Connection.  

There are three choices here.


Step 4: Acknowledge PCI Compliance

The next step ensures you have acknowledged and reviewed the secure implementation guide.

Be sure to download the link given to the PDF which describes the steps that must be completed to make sure you are using AbleCommerce in a PCI compliant manner.

  1. Check the box if you acknowledge that you have reviewed the secure implementation guide.

  2. Click the CONTINUE INSTALL > button to continue.

  3. If you have entered the correct information, you will see a Initialization Complete confirmation.

  4. Click to continue with the last step of the installation wizard.


Step 5: Creating a Store

You should now see the final page of installation.

This is where you will enter the information necessary to create your store. 

  1. Enter the name of you Store.  You can change this later.

  2. Enter the email address of the primary store administrator.

  3. Enter a password.  Write this down!!!

  4. Enter the primary address for your store.

  5. Select the Country that you will be doing business with.  We recommend that you select All Countries and remove any later.

  6. The option to include Sample Data is recommended and includes 15 products that demonstrate many of the features of AbleCommerce.

  7. When finished, click the button to Complete Install.  If successful, you will see a confirmation page.

  8. Click the button to Continue to Admin.

  9. Login using your username and password to access the AbleCommerce Dashboard.


  10. To get started, click on the Help tab and complete the tasks as indicated.  

    For more information, see Getting Started in the Merchant Guide.

  11. Review Hot Patches for Gold and make sure to apply any hot fixes for the version you are installing.



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