AbleCommerce Requirements and Installation



AbleCommerce is a full-featured commercial eCommerce application, with an online installation process that takes a few minutes to complete.

AbleCommerce requires that your website be capable of running Asp.Net and that you have a new (blank) Microsoft SQL database container to complete the installation.


Software Requirements

The AbleCommerce application totals around 70mb in physical size.  Using FTP or similar, the software is uploaded to the website and installation requires a connection to a new empty database.  The computer's hardware and software must meet the same minimum requirements given for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Please make sure to apply the most recent service pack to ensure your system is always up-to-date.

The list below indicates each component required for the installation, and additional supported options for each.


  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows Server 2016

  1. A website using one of Microsoft's Asp.Net Application Frameworks -

  1. A new (empty) Microsoft SQL database for data storage.
    The following SQL Server versions are supported: 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, and Express

The FREE AbleCommerce development version is available as an MVC web application project (WAP). A Visual Studio project file is included.


Hosting Options


Browser Requirements

AbleCommerce is installed and fully administered with a web browser.



Web-based Installation / Application Deployment

Follow the steps below to install the AbleCommerce application to a web server and SQL server.

STEP 1. Extract files and start installation

  1. Copy the extracted application to the root folder of your website.

  2. Open a browser and access your website URL.

  3. Choose your installation option.

  4. Read and accept the license agreement.

  5. Enter a license key if required.

STEP 2. Configure and connect to the database

There are two database connection options available:

  1. To use SQL Server Authentication, select the "Specify database option" and provide the following:

    1. Server name - enter the database server name or IP address

    2. Database name - enter the name of the new blank database

    3. Database user - enter the SQL server authentication username

    4. Database password - enter the password for the user above.

  2. To use Windows Authentication, select the option "Specify Connection string (advanced)" and enter the database connection string:

    1. Connection string needs to take the following format:


  3. Select the Install Type:

    1. This is a new (blank) database, or

    2. This is an existing AbleCommerce Gold database to be upgraded (BETA ONLY - NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE)

STEP 3. Payment Card Industry Compliance

  1. The last section will have a link to the secure implementation guide for PCI compliance. (IN PROGRESS)

  2. Download the guide and use it to confirm the application is installed properly and securely.

  3.  There is a post-deployment section which will be used for the next section.

STEP 4. Create admin account and set up a new store

  1. Create the primary admin account for store administration.

  2. Carefully enter your email address and set a secure password. (SAVE IN A SECURE LOCATION)

  3. Enter a name for your store and its contact information.

  4. Check the box to include sample data.

  5. Press the Complete Install button.

  6. When finished, login to the Merchant Administration using your email and password.



Post-deployment Configuration

After a successful web-based installation, download the AbleCommerce Secure Implementation Guide.pdf and complete post-deployment configuration which begins on page 20.  For technical assistance, please see our website for services and support.


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