Configuring a Web Directory

You must have a web directory that is configured for ASP.NET to run before installing AbleCommerce.  

If you get an error "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found" when attempting to install AbleCommerce, then make sure you have completed the steps below.

NOTE:  Depending on your version of IIS, these instructions might be different.

  1. Launch your IIS administrator.  

  2. Find the website AbleCommerce will be installed to in the left-column.  For this example, we will use the Default Web Site.  

  3. Right-click on the Default Web Site and from the popup menu select New-> Virtual Directory

  4. Provide an Alias for the Virtual Directory.  For this example, we will call it "mystore"

  5. From the next screen, browse to the physical directory that will contain the AbleCommerce files.

  6. From the next screen, you must check necessary boxes for permissions:

    1. Read

    2. Run Scripts (such as ASP)

  7. When finished, update the settings.  The web directory will be created with a name "mystore" for the Default Web Site.

  8. Right-click on the "mystore" web directory and select the Properties option.

  9. Check the properties dialog screen.  If a Create button is available, next to the Application Name text box, then click it so it will create an application for your directory.

  10. From the properties dialog screen, select the ASP.NET tab and make sure to select the version of Asp.Net compatible with the installation.

  11. Now click the Apply button and select OK to close the property dialog.