FAQ: Why do my storefront pages suddenly error?

Version: AbleCommerce 7

Last Update: 3/15/11



Why do my storefront pages suddenly error or stop working?

If your storefront pages are suddenly showing an error or have stopped working all together, then it's very likely a result of new code that was added to a scriptlet file.  The issue could be impacting one or more pages in your store.

To diagnose the issue:

  1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator.

  2. View the bottom of the storefront page to see your page editing options.

  3. Disable the Header, Left side bar, Right side bar and footer.

  4. Now reload the page. (The issue should be gone.)

  5. Then, one at a time, re-enable the content sections and test after each change.

  6. Once you identify the offending scriptlet, you can remove the custom code or revert to an original backup.


More about Scriptlet changes

Your "scriptlets" are htm files located in a physical directory.


Sub-folders (\Content, \Footer, \Header, \Layout, and \Sidebar) include the default htm files that come with the AbleCommerce program.

When a scriptlet is modified, a copy is placed in the ..\App_Data\Scriptlets\Custom\ sub-folders.  With direct access to the files here, you can check for any recent changes to help identify the cause of new issues.

For more information, please see our AbleCommerce 7 Customization Guide 



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