FAQ: How do I report a bug or feature request?

Version: AbleCommerce 7

Last Update: 12/05/11

>>> Please review all information on this page before reporting a software bug. <<<



Feature Requests

Send an email to Features@AbleCommerce.com.  We love your feedback!

The information you share with us will be used to shape future versions of AbleCommerce.


Bug Report Requirements

First, check to see if the issue is already fixed...
  • See if the issue has already been fixed at help.ablecommerce.com.
    Use the Table of Contents to find upgrades, free service releases and hot patches, as well as change logs showing the specific issues fixed between each version.

  • If you can't find any information at the help site, check to see if the issue can be reproduced in a default installation without customization.

  • If you are not certain that you have a valid issue, it might be best to search, or ask about the issue in our community forum.
    We also have priority support available for purchase.  If the support case resolution is determined to be a valid bug, there would be no charge to your account.

Please keep in mind that a software defect, or bug, is an issue that affects many customers.  If you are the only one experiencing the issue, then it's not likely a bug.

Then, gather information about the issue...


  1. Find your AbleCommerce version and build.

    - Login to your Merchant Administration and view the page footer, or go to the Help > About page to find this information.

  2. Be able to provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue.  

    - This is very important and should include any setting and configuration information.  Provide all necessary details to reproduce the issue.

  3. Provide any error messages, or state what the program should have done differently.

    - You may include attachments, pdf, txt, gif, and jpg will be accepted.

Steps to report a bug

  1. Send an email to Bugs@AbleCommerce.com and include all bug report requirements from above.  An incomplete bug report will not be reviewed.

  2. Your issue will be submitted to our development team.

What happens to my bug next?

  • The development team will review new bug reports at least once a week, or as needed for critical issues.

  • When your report is reviewed, a developer will first determine if the information given is adequate and meets the minimum requirements given above. If you have provided a valid bug report, then the issue will be accepted for further testing. It may take up to one additional week for reproduction attempts.

  • During the testing process, we will try to reproduce the issue using the current version of AbleCommerce. If the issue is a confirmed bug, the development team will log it and set a severity*. Although we cannot guarantee that every issue will be fixed, we do attempt to resolve bugs in upcoming versions, a service patch, or hot patch for critical issues.

  • If you do not receive a personal response back within 2 weeks, then the reported issue wasn't considered a software defect.

* The severity of any issue will ultimately be determined by the change review team. If an issue is determined to be critical or security related, a hot patch or work-around may be provided.


If you require technical support assistance with AbleCommerce, then please purchase priority support time, and open a support case.  With a priority support purchase, we do not charge for our time if the issue becomes a confirmed software defect.



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