Current Source directories.

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\AbleDocs

Generating Builds:

Build output dir: C:\groopz\help.ablecommerce.com\

  1. Load Merchant Project

  2. \mergedProjects\AC55Merchant

  3. Generate Skin build if needed. Find new files in the \mergedprogects\ folder.
    Sort by name, highlight from top, down including 3 w named folders.

    copy from C:\groopz\help.ablecommerce.com\mergedProjects\ac55merchant\

  4. Generate Traditional no-Skin build with left right navigation.

  5. Load System Admin Project

  6. \mergedProjects\a1_55_system

  7. Generate Skin build if needed and copy to help.a.skins dir.

  8. Generate Traditional no-Skin build with left right navigation.

  9. Load help.ablecommerce.com project

  10. Generate XP-Skin Build ONLY.

  11. Execute C:\groopz\help.a.skins\create.bat

    1. copies fancy skins over the standard ones after creating the standard webhelp output which has < > nav buttons.

      • xcopy ac55merchant_skin\*.* ..\help.ablecommerce.com\mergedprojects\ac55merchant\*.* /s

      • xcopy ac55sysadmin_skin\*.* ..\help.ablecommerce.com\mergedprojects\ac55sysadmin\*.* /s

      • pause

  12. copy C:\groopz\help.a.skins\styles.css to C:\groopz\help.ablecommerce.com\  (need to edit netscape version someday)

  13. If the Contents, Index or Search doesn't need updated then just upload changed files individually.

  14. Otherwise, select all of the files that have been updated (by date) and directories also, add them to zip 'help.ablecommerce.com'.

  15. Upload .zip to help.ablecommerce.com

  16. BACKUP help.ablecommerce.com to d:\BACKUPS\ with date... i.e. help.ablecommerce.com.feb.22.05

  17. extract the .zip file to the backup directory in a directory named help.ablecommerce.com

  18. copy the contents of help.ablecommerce.com to

  19. e:\hshome\...

  1. Datasource Login Information

  2. Files:

      • /test/feedback2.vb

      • /test/showfeedback2.aspx (running locally) (under feedback2l.vb)


Testing it Locally:

  1. Re-setup mini-web server (c:\groopz\


Need to locate the correct style.css, before it's overridden by the build.

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